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I Have A Tumor: My Journey to Healing & Black Women’s Healthcare

A few months ago I found out I had a tumor growing in my brain.

Prolactinoma…a hormone secreting tumor.

The signs were there, but the doubt was greater. For years I’ve listened to doctors do what they commonly do to black women, and that is…ignore the signs and even assume that we somehow are stronger than the pain we feel.

For years I have dealt with irregular cycles…sometimes not having them for months on end.

This time I chose to become my own advocate. This time I chose me. This time I pushed my doctors to provide me with the healthcare I, and so many of us, deserve.

I was right. I knew my body wasn’t right, and I am glad I listened to my girl—she’s never steered me wrong.

Transparently, this was hard to post. Throughout my life…literally from day 1, I’ve dealt with health issues that I’ve been almost embarrassed to share. Why? I think mostly just not wanting to explain or receive pity…I’m just not that girl.

What I have learned, however, is that somebody’s LIFE IS TIED TO MY TESTIMONY.

God has blessed me with this platform and such a supportive #InternetFamily…so I am committed to sharing. You can count on me to share more of my health journey and experiences…because sharing is what saves lives.

Y’all…if something doesn’t seem right…don’t be afraid to speak up…and definitely don’t shy away from getting a second opinion…it might just save your life.

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